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A smiling lady with red hair and yellow glasses stands against a white background. She wears a green linen shirt and a pair of the exhibit earrings in soft mauve and chartreuse.
A pair of dangle earrings with a hook sit styled against a pink background next to a wooden drawer handle. The earrings feature a chartreuse enamel dot, a black and white D-shaped acrylic, and a wavy brass ring.
A pair of stud dangle earrings lay against a white background. They feature a wooden flower stud top followed by a purple acrylic arch with a silver thread detail. On top sits an enamel wavy arch frame in orange.
A pair of brown dangle earrings with a stud top sit against a white background. They feature a dusty brown half circle bead, a small wooden bead, a brown acrylic circle, a brass arch piece, and a textured circular brass piece.
An outstretched hand holds a forest green purse against a white background. The purse has a duckegg half circle on the bottom and a gold zip, it has a peach perforated insert poking out the top of the open zip.