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Our what, our why, our how and the benefits of working with us.

our what

Middle Child was founded in 2017 by accessory designer Lauren Hassett who started her career in the jewellery design space some twenty years ago.  What started as a side-hustle in 2001 while at Uni, Lauren’s ‘Ear-things’ evolved into a brand that encompassed all manner of accessories including leather goods, and which traded under the name Oktoberdee until 2020.  Over time it became apparent that the two categories within Oktoberdee required their own breathing space and so in 2017 the jewellery and leather products went their separate ways and Middle Child was born.

Creativity courses through Lauren’s entire being. Harnessing and focusing this energy into a well-rounded and distinctive offering of jewellery is at the center what we do at Middle Child. A free-flowing assortment of designs is sprinkled into the range all year round, a collection which is enhanced with a fun range of jewellery storage solutions – a nod to Lauren’s previous career designing purses and bags.

our why

Our diverse assortment is designed to celebrate the individual in all of us and to encourage people to embrace their own style and confidently take up space. We insist upon pieces which exist outside of trends, pieces which are timeless and have longevity.  Creating jewellery that becomes classic is dependent upon a considered approach to design and being fueled by passion and purpose. The passion that lives within Middle Child is team-wide, we love and believe in our purpose and vision – so much so that it is noticeably felt by those who encounter us.

We are obsessed with providing good-old customer service, the kind where you can pick up the phone, be greeted with a friendly and helpful voice at the other end. We pride ourselves on our unrivaled after-sales service and commitment to the relationships we create within our MC community. We are dedicated to being a brand that is inclusive, welcoming and accessible.

We proudly align ourselves with various charities and fundraise for causes close to our hearts including Beyond Blue and the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Our mantra is “Always a little bit different.’ Because every Middle Child is, right?

our how

Pencil to paper is where it starts. In fact, the action of taking a crisp piece of paper, a well-loved HB grey-lead and a loyal eraser sets the design process into full swing. Lauren’s thorough yet playful commitment to the design process results in pieces that are truly different, be them geometric or floral inspired, all Middle Child designs celebrate perfect balance and quirky colour combinations whilst taking cues from bygone eras such as Art Deco and Mid-Century Modernism. While sketching is a key source of ideas, a tactile hands-on approach to the design process is also joyfully embraced. Looking at finished elements and toying with various combinations until magic strikes has resulted in some of our most iconic designs.

All design and assembly of our core collection is done in-house in our gorgeous Geelong studio, which exists within the amazing heritage-listed Federal Mills precinct. We source materials from all over the world and work with a handful of key suppliers in the US, Asia and the UK.  We create stunning custom enamels, source beautiful brass components made with 70-year-old tooling and work closely with acrylic manufacturers to create our own design elements in glorious colours.

and importantly

Stockist benefits

A brief overview.

  • Frequent injections of new products throughout the year.
  • Beautiful, iconic packaging made in merchandising heaven.
  • Simple online ordering system.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Reliable stock levels and fast fulfillment.
  • High quality imagery and assets.

All the juicy details.

Did we mention we love design? The benefit is we are continuously coming up with fresh ideas, new products and injecting new colours into our ever-evolving collection. We have found the balance between keeping your favorites refreshed and available whilst sprinkling new designs in to keep your customers intrigued and coming back for more. Consciously designed for the in-store experience our oversized pink arched backing cards showcase the product as the hero. With beautiful, humble branding (albeit in gold foil) our packaging nestles perfectly in numerous store settings such as fashion boutiques, gift stores, florists or salons.

We have streamlined the ordering process through the creation of the Wholesale Portal on our website. Providing you with quick add-to-cart options (ie. the Quick Order Form), access to valuable assets such as imagery and all the while offering a more customized level of service for those that prefer, direct with your wholesale account manager via email or phone.

Furthermore, we provide efficiency to our retailers through keeping reliable stock levels and providing fast fulfillment. Although our jewellery is handmade, we always keep stock on hand meaning that we can ship your order within days. We offer most designs across various colourways for visual appeal when merchandising and to provide your customers with fun choices in store.

We fully understand the role that impeccable photography plays in current day retail, and it is why we invest wholeheartedly in beautiful shots that capture the essence of our brand. We love sharing our imagery with you in the hope that it enhances your website and social media channels and simplifies your online listing process.


sissa sorella

"I just wanted to say how amazing your company is to deal with.   You have always had an amazing team with excellent customer service and not to mention how polished your product is.   It's an absolute pleasure to stock a product that is consistent and regularly fresh".
Kate - Sissa Sorella - ACT

her name was nola

"I LOVE having Middle Child products in the shop. I love the many different elements that go into creating a cohesive look and brand. I love how involved you all are with the process (and with us). Having a personal relationship with the team definitely makes me think fondly of your business and makes me enjoy selling your pieces on a deeper level rather than just because they’re pretty."
Sarah - Her Name was Nola, SA

have you met charlie?

"We have been a stockist of Middle Child for a couple of years now and we really have loved seeing the range grow, expand and evolve. Middle Child is most definitely one of best-selling brands at Have you Met Charlie? and when you look at the range you can see why, just beautiful! But along with amazing products, the team is so wonderfully helpful and kind, really just a dream to work with."
Lauren - Have You Met Charlie? - SA

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