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A pair of dangle earrings with a hook sit against a white background. They feature a green arch shaped bead, a small wooden bead, a green acrylic half circle, and an elongated D shape brass piece.
Two pairs of the Fondue earrings in avocado and magenta are styled against a pink board with fondue forks on either side. The pink board sits on a yellow and pink striped background and the chocolate brown, violet and orange Fondue earrings are placed around the edge of the pink board.
 A pair of stud dangle earrings sit against a white background. They feature a small half circle brass piece with a wooden circle bead enclosed, below this hangs a grape D shape bead followed by a small wooden bead and a tiny gold bead.
A necklace with a gold chain sits against a white background. It features a small wooden bead, followed by a brass D shape with a wooden circle bead enclosed, followed by a mustard D shaped bead, and a wooden D shape bead.
A lady with pink hair models a sideview of the Fiesta earrings in avocado. She sits against a pink background and wears a floral scarf tied through her ponytail.